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Home Infusion Therapy FAQ's

Intramed Plus is proud of our experienced and dedicated professional team, who will provide you with a caring, reliable, and quality service when infusions are needed at home. Infusion therapies given in the home setting have proven to be a safe and cost-effective alternative to extended hospital stays, or daily visits to an outpatient infusion center. It can be extremely beneficial for the patient to be at home, around family, and even return to daily tasks - all while receiving required medication.

Please check out the below answers to some questions that you may have about home infusion therapy.

What is home infusion therapy?

When an intravenous (IV) medication is determined to be the most effective way to treat the patient's medical condition, the patient is trained to safely administer his or her IV medications at home, usually with the help of a designated caregiver. With an order from the patient's physician, Intramed Plus steps in to provide: education, training, support, medications, supplies, and equipment to make the home infusion therapy successful.

Who is Intramed Plus?

Intramed Plus is a highly regarded South Carolina owned and operated home infusion pharmacy. We have been serving patients with home infusion needs for over 20 years.

How can I learn to do my therapy?

Training often begins in your hospital room, with your caregiver present, and continues during the first day(s) after you arrive home. An Intramed Plus Nurse Clinician with special training in IV therapy will meet with you to introduce our infusion services, evaluate your medical condition and the therapy prescribed. The Nurse Clinician will make sure you have the support necessary at home for the safest, most successful outcome. You will be given easy to understand step-by-step instructions for reference, and you will have opportunity to practice procedures expected of you at home.

Will a nurse always be there for my infusions?

With thorough training provided to ensure safety and competency, you will be expected to administer your therapy independently, or with the help of a designated caregiver. The number of training visits will depend on the therapy ordered and your training needs. Nurse Clinicians and Clinical Pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with questions whenever they arise.

Is my physician still in charge of my therapy, and what if my medication changes?

Your physician will continue to be in charge of your care, whether you are in the hospital or at home. He or she will track your progress, and see you for follow-up or regular visits. Our team of Clinical Pharmacists works closely with your physician to ensure you are receiving the proper medications in the proper doses.

It is important that your medications are infused at the times specified by your physician, and that you do not skip doses. If your medication should change, your Intramed Plus pharmacist and nurse will contact you immediately, make arrangements for the therapy change, and set up another training session if needed.

Who pays for my home infusion therapy?

Most commercial insurance companies, managed care companies, and Medicaid offer home infusion therapy benefits. (Medicare has very limited coverage for home infusion therapies.) Upon receiving the medication order from your physician, and information about all your insurance providers, an Intramed Plus Patient Account Coordinator from our reimbursement department will determine insurance coverage, copay amounts, and out-of-pocket responsibility. She will monitor your account activity and bill your medical insurance providers for services that we have provided, and inform you of any out-of-pocket responsibility.

May I travel, return to work, or continue to care for my family?

All our infusion therapies are designed to be given safely and easily at home or work. Many people return to their normal activities with only minor restrictions. If you wish to travel, please inform your Intramed Plus nurse or pharmacist of your plans so they can assist you in making it happen.

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