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Home Infusion Therapy

For those patients who qualify, receiving infusion therapies in the home is much more cost-effective than hospitalization and allows for a more normal lifestyle. Home infusion offers many patients the opportunity to earn income, care for children, attend family or social events and carry out a myriad of other daily activities while receiving treatment.

Intramed Plus feels strongly about providing a high-quality service for patients needing infusions at home. We manage acute or chronic illnesses in adult and pediatric populations. Our Team provides all patients with education, training and clinical monitoring.

Intramed Plus provides a full range of home infusion therapies:

Our pharmacists provide clinical monitoring for proper drug dosing to ensure the best possible outcome of the therapy. Throughout the treatment, the patient's physician is updated with the patient's progress and consulted for recommendations of change.

Benefits of home infusion include significant cost savings, in comparison to hospitalization, and the ability of the patient to resume their normal daily routine.

Our On-Call team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions regarding the patient's home infusion therapy.

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